Moffatt's Tree Farm Wholesale

We sell mostly balsam and fraser fir in a variety of sizes and grades.  Christmas trees are sold, generally, in three different grades: 

  • Premium:  the top 1% of our trees, the very best we have to offer and generally command a premium price on a retail lot.  Premiums are considered nearly flawless from all angles

  • #1:  these cost less on the wholesale market and typically have three nice sides, perhaps one side which is not as favorable.  Many of our #1 trees will still get a premium price on a retail lot.

  • #2:  these are the least expensive trees we offer and are cost-efficient for the retail customer.  They are a good choice for someone who is cost-conscious or prefers a more natural look for their Christmas tree. 

We sell trees within the state of Vermont and in the New England region.   Call Steve and Sharon at (802) 586-6900 for pricing. We love to talk trees!