Welcome to Moffatt's Tree Farm

The Moffatts have been growing Christmas trees since the 1930s. For three generations they have been patiently cultivating their 700+ acres of land and shipping their trees across New England.

We're glad you stopped by!  Moffatt's Tree Farm is a wholesale and choose and cut Christmas tree farm in Craftsbury, Vermont.  We pride ourselves on the care our trees get year round, from planting seedlings to fertilizing, to trimming and harvesting, our trees are happy and we think it shows!  Our farm is sustainably managed; we replace every tree we cut with a new seedling the following spring.  Many people mistakenly believe that artificial trees are the more environmentally responsible choice; the reality is that artificial trees are made from oil-based products such as plastic.  Real Christmas trees are much better for our environment and help keep natural spaces open and undeveloped. Besides, there's nothing that compares with the aroma of a balsam fir!  

Friend and local author Julia Shipley writes for Yankee magazine and has done a  three-part blog on the life of a Moffatt tree after it's cut! Visit the Yankee Magazine Moffatt's Christmas Tree Farm Blog here.

Please enjoy this video which was made by Seven Days, a VT publication, for their website.  It offers a nice snapshot of Jim, Steve, and some of the activities around the harvest.  

We’re happy to be listed as Vermont’s ‘Best Christmas Tree Farm’ by Good Housekeeping! https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/christmas-ideas/g24485034/christmas-tree-farms-near-me/?slide=45